New Arrival Books

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1. Cateora, Philip R. Interantional Marketing
2. Dornbusch, Rudiger Macroeconomics
3. Duggal, S. K. Surveying
4. Samuelson, Paul A. Macroeconomics
5. Noe, Raymond A. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
6. Roy, Shyaml Macroecomomic Policy Environment
7. Dwivedi, D. N. Macroeconomics : Theory and Policy
8. Ross, Stephen A. Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
9. Libby, Robert Financial Accounting
10. Bello, Ignacio Introductory Algebra
11. Curtin, Dennis P. Information Technology: The Breaking Wave
12. Kanetkar,Yashavant Let Us C
13. Bodie, Zvi Investments
14. Pathak, Akhileshwar Legal Aspects of Business
15. Spigel, Murray R. Statistics
16. Kamal, Raj Internet and Web Technologies
17. Timoshenko, S. Engineering Mechanics
18. Bhandari, Arabinda Straregic Management
19. Lesikar, Raymond V. Business Communication
20. Agrawal, Basant Engineering Drawing
21. Millman, Jacob Millman’s Electronic Devices and Circuits
22. Rizvi, M. Ashraf Effective Technical Communication
23. Gambhir, M. L. Building Materials
24. Gupta, C. B. Engineering Mathematics
25. Sahu, G. C. Building Materials and Construction
26. Gambhir, M. L. Building and Construction Materials
27. Ghatak, Ajoy Optics
28. Cengel, Yunus A. Heat and Mass Transfer
29. Mukherjee, D. Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Systems
30. Joshi, Dattu R. Engineering Physics
31. Mahajan, Shobhit Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetic Theory
32. Harrington, Steven Computer Graphics
33. Gambhir, M. L. Concrete Technology
34. Bhattacharya, S. K. Electrical Machines
35. McCabe, Warren L. Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering
36. Rattan, S. S. Strength of Materials
37. Baisnab, A. P. Elements of Probability and Statistics
38. Bhandari, V. B. Design of Machiine Elements
39. Cengel, Yunus A. Differential Equations for Engineers and Scientists
40. Beiser, Arthur Modern Physics
41. Mandal, Soumitra Kumar Basic Electronics
42. Das, Sumitabha Computer Fundamentals and Programming
43. Kalsi, H. S. Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements
44. Balagurusamy, E. Computing Fundamentals & C programming
45. Nag, P. K. Engineering Thermodynamics
46. O,Brien, James A. Introduction to Information Systems
47. Challa, Satya Narayana Murty Water Resources Engineering
48. Murty, J. V. S. Watershed Management
49. Rakshit, Sandip R for Beginners
50. Vohra, N. D. Quantitative Techniques in Management
51. Khatri, Dhanesh K. Accounting for Management
52. Godbole, Achyut Web Technologies
53. Chandra, Prasanna Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
54. McConell, Campbell R. Economics:Principles , Problems and Policies
55. Cunningham, William P. Environmental Science
56. Jawadekar, Waman S. Management Information Systems
57. Cengel, Yunus A. Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications
58. Goel, P. K. Water Pollution
59. Belch, George E. Advertising and Promotion
60. Sharma, R. C. Business Communication and Report Writing
61. Paul, Justin Business Environment
62. Rudani, Ramesh B. Management and Organisational Behaviour
63. Kothari, D. P. Basic Electronics
64. Kulshreshtha, D. C. Basic Electrical Engineering
65. Simchi-Levi, David Designing and managing the supply chain
66. Harrington, Scott E. Risk Management & Insurance
67. Mood, Alexander M. Introduction to the Theory of Statistics
68. Colander, David C. Macroeconomics
69. Milton, J. Susan Introduction to Probability and Statistics
70. Pandit, G. S. Structural Analysis: A Matrix Approach
71. Das, N.G. Statistical Methods
72. Dogra, Balram Rural Marketing
73. Musgrave, Richard A. Public Finance in Theory and Practice
74. Plummer, David T. An Introduction to Practical Biochemistry
75. Banwell, Colin N. Fundamentals of Molecular Spectroscopy
76. Kapoor, K. L. A Textbook of Physical Chemistry
77. Aswathappa, K. Human Resource Management: Text and Cases
78. Hyde, David R. Genetics and Molecular Biology
79. Ramana, B. V. Higher Engineering Mathematics
80. Vohra, N. D. Futures and Options
81. Chandra, Prasanna Financial Management
82. Lipschutz, Seymour Vector Analysis
83. Balagurusamy, E. Fundamentals of Computers
84. Frazier, William C. Food Microbiology
85. Bapat, Varadraj Financial Accounting
86. Khan, M. Y. Financial Management
87. Rosen, Kenneth H. Discrete mathematics & Its Applications
88. Chapman, Stephen J. Electric Machinery Fundamentals
89. Kothari, D. P. Electric Machines
90. Khan, B. H. Non Conventional Energy Resources
91. Ramchandran, N. Financial Accounting for Management
92. Paul, Justin International Marketing : Text and Cases
93. Raghunath, H. M. Hydrology
94. Rao, P. N. Manufacturing Technology
95. Beiser, Arthur Fundamentals of Physics With Applications
96. Lipschutz, Seymour Discrete Mathematics
97. Mahajan, A. S. Electricity and Magnetism
98. Penman, Stephen H. Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation
99. Oliver, Bernard, M., ed. Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation
100. Beer, Ferdinand P. Vector Mechanics for Engineers
101. Holman, J. P. Heat Transfer
102. Malik, H. K. Engineering Physics
103. Gulhati, Sakshi K. Geotechnical Engineering
104. Smith, J. M. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
105. Som, S. K. Introduction to Fluid mechanics and Fluid Machines
106. Ganesan, V. Internal Combustion Engines
107. Bhandari, V. B. Introduction to Machine Design
109. Fitzsimmons, James A. Service Management
110. Nag, P. K. Basic and Applied Thermodynamics
111. Ananthanarayanan, P. N. Basic Refrigeration and Airconditioning
112. Duggal, K. N. Elements of Water Resources Engineering
113. Lipschutz, Seymour Data Structures
114. Treybal, Robert E. Mass-Transfer Operations
115. Chary, S. N. Production and Operations Management
116. McConnell, Campbell R. Microeconomics
117. Tamarin, Robert H. Principles of Genetics
118. Saxena, Rajan Marketing Management
119. Baye, Michael R. Managerial Economics and Business Strategy
120. Mehrotra, R. S. Plant Pathology
121. Luthans, Fred Organizational Behaviour
122. Sekaran, Uma Organizational Behaviour
123. Gibson,James L. Organisations
124. Nargundkar, Rajendra Marketing Research
125. Beri, G. C. Marketing Research
126. Geetika Managerial Economics
127. Tripathi, P.C. Principles of Management
128. Gray, Clifford F. Project Management
129. Chandra, A. M. Geoinformatics
130. Weihrich, Heinz Management
131. Gupta, Sanjeev Electronic Devices and Circuits
132. Kern, Donald Q. Process Heat Transfer
133. Azaroff, Leonid V. Introduction to Solids
134. Behl, Ramesh Management Information Systems
135. Lipschutz, Seymour Probability
136. Arora, C. P. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
137. Gottfried, Bryon Programming with C
138. Hubbard, John R Programming with C++
139. Henderson, James M. Microeconomic Theory : A Mathematical Approach
140. Fitzgerald, A. E. Problems and Solutions in Electric Machinery
141. Bailey, James E. Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals
142. Reddy, C. S. Basic Structural Analysis
143. Balagurusamy, E. Object Oriented Programming using C++ and Java
144. Keiser, Gerd Optical Fiber Communications
145. Chakrabarti, P. Optical Fiber Communication
146. Schiff, Leonard I
147. Schiff, Leonard I Quantum Mechanics
148. Hilton, Ronald W. Managerial Accounting
149. Singh, Jasprit Semiconductor Optoelectronics
150. Neamen, Donald A. Semiconductor Physics and Devices
151. Budynas, Richard G. Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design
152. Suzana, Roopa A Practical Course in English Pronunciation
153. John, Rita Solid State Physics
154. Sinha, S. N. Reinforced Concrete Design
155. Pillai, Devdas Reinforced Concrete Design
156. Silberberg, Martin S. Chemistry
157. Lind, Douglas A. Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics
158. Koneru, Aruna Professional Communication
159. Papoulis, Athanasios Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes
160. Levine, Ira N. Physical Chemistry
161. Balagurusamy, E. Programming in ANSIC
162. Dey, Sukhendu Numerical Methods
163. Balagurusamy, E. Numerical Methods
164. Singh, Ajeet Machine Drawing Includes AutoCAD
165. Raghavachari, M. Mathematics for Management
166. Williams, Timothy MCQs in Computer Science
167. Beer, Ferdinand P. Mechanics of Materials
168. Nag, P. K. Heat and Mass Transfer
169. Madan, R. L. Physical Chemistry
170. Esser, K. The Mycota
171. Bhandari, V. B. Machine Dsign Data Book
172. Chapra, Steven C. Numerical Methods for Engineers
173. Salivahanan, S. Electronic Devices and Circuits
174. Srivastava, T. N. Statistics for Management
175. Zeid, Ibrahim CAD/CAM: Theory and Practice
176. Sidheswar, N Machine Drawing
177. Budnick, Frank S. Applied Mathematics for Business, Economics, and the Social Sciences
178. Xiang, Zhigang Computer Graphics
179. Wylie, C. Ray Advanced Engineering Mathematics
180. Choudhury, D. Roy Linear Integrated Circuits
181. Bello, Ignacio Introductory Algebra: A Real- world Approach
182. Lipschutz, Seymour Linear Algebra
183. Chawla, Shashi A Textbook of Environmental Studies
184. Mathews, P. M. A Textbook of Quantum Mechanics
185. Ranjan, Gopal Basic and Applied Soil Mechanics
186. Chapra, Steven C. Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists
187. Tremblay, Jean-Paul An Introducction to Data Structures with Applications
188. Bowerman, Bruce Business Statistics in Practice
189. Maharana, Biswa Ranjan Vet Rapidex
190. Ambrose, Dunston P. The Insects
191. Beri, C. Business Statistics
192. Vohra, N. D. Business Statistics
193. Rao, P. N. CAD/CAM: Principles and Applications
194. Pandit, G. S. The Theory of Structures
195. Rattan, S. S. Theory of Machines
196. Basak, N. N. Surveying and Levelling
197. Basak, Ranjan Kumar Fertilizers : A Text Book
198. Grewal, B. S. Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science
199. Marimuthu, S. Agronomy at a Glance
200. Mondal, Sagar T.B. of Rural Development
201. Chattopadhyay, T. K. A Textbook on Pomology
202. Deo, S. G. Textbook of Ordinary Differential Equations
203. Fitzgerald, A. E. Basic Electrical Engineering
204. Reddy, S. R. Agronomy of Field Crops
205. Kothari, D. P. Basic Electrical Engineering
206. Gopi, R. Organic Plant Disease Management
207. Singh, Phundan Principles of Seed Technology
208. Khare, Dhirendra Seed Technology
209. Mahi, G. S. Fundamentals of Agrometeorology and Climate Change
210. Chhina, S. S. Agricultural Economics and Indian Agriculture
211. Subramanian, S. All about Weed Control
212. Reddy, S. R. Geoinformatics and Nanotechnology for Precision Farming
213. Das, N. R. Cropping System Research
214. Dyakov, Yu. T. Comprehensive and Molecular Phytopathology
215. Borem, Aluizio Omics in Plant Breeding
216. Ladaniya, Milind S. Citrus Fruit
217. SubbaRao, N. S. Soil Microbiology
218. Singh, Anil K. Textbook of Floriculture and Landscaping
219. Gomez, Kwanchai A. Statistical Procedures for Agricultural Research
220. Singh, Rajaneesh Practical Approaches in Horticulture
221. Jatav, M. K., ed. Dryland Horticulture
222. Kannan, M. Ornamental Gardening and Landscaping
223. Somasundaram, E. Agronomy : Principles and Practices
224. Ghosh, S. N. Temperate Fruit Crop Breeding
225. Singh, A. K. Breeding and Biotechnology of Flowers
226. Lehninger, Albert L. Biochemistry
227. Singh, Sushil Kumar Plant Diseases and their Management
228. Hazra, P. Glossary of Horticulture
229. Bhatnagar, Amit Mathematical Agriculture: Concepts and Numericals
230. Singh, R. P. Plant Pathology
231. Saha, L. R. Handbook of Plant Diseases
232. Vasantha, R. Extension Education: New Horizons
233. Arora, J. S. Introductory Ornamental Horticulture
234. Dhaliwal, G. S. A Textbook of Intetgrated Pest Management
235. Ram, Hari Har Vegetable Breeding
236. Panda, S. C. Organic Farming
237. Singh, Ranjit Extension Education
238. Singh, Bijendra Horticulture At a Glance
239. Singh, Phundan Molecular Plant Breeding
240. Singh, B. D. Plant Breeding
241. Ray, G. L. Extension Communication and Management
242. O’Leary, Timothy J. Computing Essentials
243. Cooper, Donald R. Business Research Methods
244. Tulsian, P. C. Business Law
245. Ghosh,B. N. Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
246. Steiner, John F. Business, Government and Society
247. Kester, W. Carl Case Problems in Finance
248. Acharya, Seema Data Analysis Using R
249. Maheshwari, Anil Data Analytics
250. Bansal, Manish Derivatives and Financial Innovations
251. Leong, Thin-Yin Business Modeling with Spreadsheets
252. Cengel, Yunus A. Thermodynamics
253. Gupta, S. P. Theory of Structures
254. Bijalwan, Jyotsna Ghildiyal Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
255. Nanwal, R. K. Farming Systema & Sustainable Agriculture
256. Chopra, V. L. Plant breeding: Theory & practices
257. Richards, O. W. Imm’s General Textbook of Entomology
258. Patra, Alok Kumar Introduction to Agrometeorology and Climate Change
259. Ram, Hari Har Plant Breeding and Genetics
260. Jain, J. P. Statistical Techniques in Quantitative Genetics
261. Sagwal, S. S. A Textbook of Silviculture
262. Singh, Daan Sabji evam Masale waali faslo ki utpadan taknikee
263. Kar, Ram Krushna Textbook on Fungi
264. Shukla, Rajendra kumar Shaako evam Masalo ki utpadan Takneeki
265. Arya, Prem Singh Spice Crops of India
266. Kumar, Rajeev A Glossary of Agricultural and Plant Science
267. Reddy, M. Devender Agricultural Waste Management
268. Choudhary, B. R. Vegetables
269. Mondal, Sagar Textbook of Agricultural Extension with Global Innovations
270. Joshi, A. K. Seed Science and Technology
271. Sharma, R. R. Propagation of Horticultural Crops
272. Singh, K. P. Fundamentals of Agriculture
273. Dube, H. C. An Introduction to Fungi
274. Kumar, Sanjeev Diseases of Horticultural Crops
275. Narayanasamy, P. Crop Disease Management
276. Jaisridhar, P. Communication Technologies in Agriculture
277. Devasahayam, H. Lewin Illustrated Plant Pathology
278. Maiti, R. G. Plant Propagation
279. Gupta, S. P. Dictioanry of Economics
280. Kulkarni, G. N. Principles of Seed Technology
281. Das. Dilip Kumar Introductory Soil Science
282. Garg, M. K. Processing and Food Engineering
283. Ansari, Irfan Ahmad Solved Numerical Problems in Food Process Engineering and Technology
284. Singh, R. P. Microbiology
285. Singh, B. D. Biotechnology: Expanding Horizons
286. Singh, B. D. Fundamentals of Genetics
287. Jayaraman, Jayashree Fundamentals of Plant Bacteriology
288. Tomar, Gajendra Singh Agronomy : Basic and Applied
289. Singh, Phundan Essentials of Plant Breeding
290. Reddy, S. R. Introduction to Agronomy and Principles of Crop Production
291. Walia, U. S. Weed Management
292. Boruah, Rituraj Objective Agricultural Extension
293. Sharma, Jag Paul Organic Crop Production: Principls and Practices
294. Kumar, Dharmendra Agricultural Entomology : A Competitive Vision
295. Mangalassery, Shamsudheen, ed. Soil and Water Management Strategies for Drylands
296. Singh, Phundan Objective Seed Technology
297. Singh, Balraj Protected Cultivation of vegetable Crops
298. Hazra, P. Vegetable seed Production and Hybrid Technology
299. Ayyappan, S. Agri Startups for Smart Farming
300. Lokesh, G. B. Agricultural Education
301. Carr, M. K. V. Advances in Irrigation Agronomy
302. Reddy, V. R. P. Breeding for Crop Improvement
303. Singh, Phundan Plant Breeding
304. Reddy, S. R. Agrometeorolgy
305. Raj, Desh Floriculture: At a Glance
306. Singh, Phundan A Guide for Competitive Examinations of Agriculture
307. Sahai, V. N. Fundamentals of Soil
308. Reddy, S. R. Elements of Agronomy
309. Selvi, R. Gangai Applied Statistics
310. Pandey, Sadhna Post-Harvest Management of Horticultural Crops
311. Singh, Anil Kumar Aadhunik Jaivik Krishi
312. Kumar, Adesh Microbiology
313. Panda, S. C. Farm Management and Agricultural Marketing
314. Rana, M. K. Scientific Cultivation of Vegetables
315. Joseph, Salikutty Tips on Winter Vegetable Cultivation
316. Dass, H. K Higher Engineering Mathematics
317. Singh, Jitendra Basic Horticulture

Author: shani raj